Jeep - 4x4

Rent a 4x4 jeep, cabrio - convertible, on Paros island/Greece

In this category you can find 4x4 rental cars. The "Suzuki jimny" is the smallest car in this category. This cabrio car is ideal if you want to enjoy the sun of Paros. During the hot months it comes with a small shade easy to put it on and take it off. The "Suzuki grand vitara" and the "Kia sportage" are larger and luxury cars for hire. This kind of jeep cars are spacious with a stronger engine. 

Rent a jeep cabrio 4x4 Paros 

Suzuki Jimny
Jeep - 4x4, Cars: Suzuki Jimny
If you like an open top cabriolet car in your holidays and you want to drive without any worries along the natural beauty and the beaches of the island rent a car "Suzuki Jimny" and do not miss a thing on Paros!
Starting From 45.00
3 Doors
4 passengers
Suzuki Grand Vitara
Jeep - 4x4, Cars: Suzuki Grand Vitara
A car that is easy to drive on narrow roads and tight parking spaces.Grand Vitara is for people who do not afraid to live beyond conventions.
Starting From 58.00
Air conditioning
3 Doors
5 passengers
Kia Sportage
Jeep - 4x4, Cars: Kia Sportage
An attractive and stylish car....Kia Sportage is one of the roomier small SUVs. By all means, it's not a borring car to drive!!
Starting From 69.00
Air conditioning
5 Doors
5 passengers

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