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If you like a motorbike with a larger engine for your vacation in Paros check our bikes in this page. 300cc vespas, 250cc mega scooters and a real motorcycle with a 900cc engine. All available to enjoy your safe ride on Paros. * each moto comes with 2 helmets for free

Motorcycle rental on Paros rent a moto 

Yamaha Crypton 110cc
Motorcycle and Mega Scooter: Yamaha Crypton 110cc
Yamaha Crypton comes with an engine of 110cc. Is a semi-automatic 4 stroke motorcycle. The big wheels provide safe and relaxing rides! It has a small room under the seat and a top case for 2 helmets. If you do not like twist and go scooters this is the perfect bike to rent.
Starting From 22.00
free helmets
Motorcycle and Mega Scooter: SUPER VESPA 300cc
Vespa GTS Super comes with an engine of 300cc and it is suitable for two persons. A unique vehicle is now available for you to rent in the island of Paros!
Starting From 32.00
free helmets
Kymco X-CITING 250cc
Motorcycle and Mega Scooter: Kymco X-CITING 250cc
Kymco X-CITING is powered by a 4-stroke engine of 250cc.It is suitable for two and has plenty of underseat storage. This scooter has what it takes to make transportation an enjoyable experience!
Starting From 33.00
free helmets
Kawasaki KLX 150cc
Motorcycle and Mega Scooter: Kawasaki KLX 150cc
Kawasaki KLX comes with an engine of 150cc.Suitable for two persons. If you like enduro this is an optimal choise for your ride on Paros. Rent one of the very few motocyle with gears on the island and drive with safety on and off road.
Starting From 35.00
free helmets
Triumph Scrambler
Motorcycle and Mega Scooter: Triumph Scrambler
A legendary motorcycle available now on Paros! Ride with safety and no limits all over Paros with a 900cc trail bike!
Starting From 52.00
free helmets

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