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The annual car service begins right now. ML technical crew is checking each car, motorbike or quad one by one in order to minimise any risk of damage in summer time. Experience and real interest of our stuff is the key to an excellent job on our fleet's service.

It is a little time left until we set the engines on!!!!

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Time is up. Summer is here. Enjoy the sun and the cool dives in the big blue of the Aegean Sea.

Take advandage of Paros' pros:

  • Numerous of coasts around the island ideal for swimming, sunbathing and water sports
  • Easy access to the picturesque vilagges and beaches
  • Variety of options to hang around from quiet spots to busy cosmopolitan ones.


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A new drone footage for Paros island, Nice images from the sky and the New fleet of spacious hatchbacks for car rental on Paros

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Our fleet is composed by an impressive variety of cars, ATV's and scooters.

One of our top picks is THE motorcycle. The Triumph Scrambler is the absolute king of the road, ideal for the easy going roads of Paros. We suggest it with no dought for the drivers that need something more than a common vehicle to explore the island. The Triumph Scrambler became popular from the last scene of the movie Great Escape with Steve Mcqueen.The famous actor loved that motorbike and made it as famous as himself. What generally defines a Scrambler and makes it special is the adjustment of a road motorbike into an off-road motorbike. It is lightweight, powerful, and reliable.

Considering this, some major characteristics of a Scrambler are:

  • A higher mounted exhaust for ground clearance
  • A shorter, padded seat
  • Torque over top end power
  • Visual simplicity
  • Smaller tanks
  • Mini gauges, and a tucked in light.
  • Chunky off-road tires with spoked wheels.

All the above characteristics make the Triump Scrambler the motorcycle that nobody can resist.

Our motorcycle is 900 cc and model of 2016!!!

It is in great condition and the old fashion look will capture your attention immediately.

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Visitors are a the key to a sustainable business. It is our obligation to transform your visit from a simple trip to an unforgettable experience.

Respect and honesty is our moto. Your opinion will make as better. Dealing with our guests is not just a transaction. It is a fruitful interaction.

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