Rent a Quad on Paros Island Greece / Why to choose an ATV in Paros:

The reason you should choose to rent an ATV for Paros is that you can combine a) safety on four-wheels without a need to balance, b) easy parking and c) fancy open-air driving.Quads are suitable for the roads of Paros and provides you with the freedom of a motorbike and the safety of a car.

Who can rent a Quad-bike on Paros and the basic terms for a safe ride with your ATV:

Small engine four-wheelers like the kymco 80cc quad bike can carry two people at a low and safe pace all over Paros. We recommend these kind of quad bikes for families and drivers with basic experience. In order to drive them you need to have a license which is valid to drive these vehicles. The larger engine quad bikes, like 170cc or bigger, need extra skills. We recommend them to more experienced drivers.The license that is required to drive these vehicles is the same as to drive a car. ML provides to all customers free Third Part Incurance. However, for drivers who want to limit their responsibility for their legal share in any damage of the vehicle, there is an opptional choise of Collision Damage Waiver (C.D.W.) with a small additional charge. Our company always suggest to all drivers to use their helmets and therefore we provide our customers with two of them for free.

Quad rental in Paros / Where to pick up and deliver your Quad-ATV on Paros Island:

You can pick up or deliver your quad at the exact place you prefer! Choose either the port of Paros, the airport or your hotel. You can also visit our head office in Naoussa (at the location of piperi) or our branch downtown Naoussa and pick up your vehicle. We will be glad to welcome you to Paros island!

Why to choose ML for renting an atv on Paros island Greece:

“ML rent a car” provides a wide range of quad bikes ideal to discover Paro's trails and beaches. We are available to satisfy any need or preferense you have! We also provide our customers with two free helmets, free top case*, free map, free unlimited kilometres and no charge for the second driver.

Paros quad atv rental buggy

Atv's and Quads rental list / below you can find our rental 4wheelers for your Online Booking in 3 Steps.

Kymco ATV Quad mxu 80cc
Quad-ATV: Kymco ATV Quad mxu 80cc
Rent an ATV to feel freedom, adventurous and enjoy easy free parking in the city center! Explore Paros by a quad bike-4 wheeler, visit everything and get around the island in an affordable price! These light ATV's can be driven only if the driver has a European license. Else weis the driver needs scooter or motorcycle license.
Starting From 28.00
Kymco MXU 170cc
Quad-ATV: Kymco MXU 170cc
Kymco MXU comes with an engine of 170cc.Rent a quad for two persons and have the experience of a lifetime! Flexible and easy to drive this ATV will cover all of your needs.
Starting From 33.00
Aeon 200cc or 230cc
Quad-ATV: Aeon 200cc or 230cc
Aeon comes with an engine of 200cc or 230cc.It is suitable for two persons.This 4-stroke quad has a powerfull engine that can carry you easily everywhere in Paros.Easy to drive and comfοrtable for the passengers.
Starting From 40.00
LINHAI 400cc
Quad-ATV: LINHAI 400cc
Yamaha LINHAI comes with a powerful 4-stroke engine of 400cc. If you are looking for comfort, reliability and perfomance this is the ideal vehicle.
Starting From 40.00

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